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The apex of team and tactical advantage is determined by Precision Speed.
Nothing else comes close.

The Ultimate Advantage

In the most elite sports—including Formula 1 and the world’s premier leagues—breakthroughs in precision and speed separate the best from all the rest.  

In today’s best enterprises, it is precision and speed that, above all else, determine who wins and who loses.

In the special operations, security services, and the military, breakthroughs in precision and speed are more vital than ever to the safety and freedom of nations and communities throughout the world.  

Precision Speed:

  • Provides incomparable situational awareness
  • Optimizes the accuracy and speed of every team and tactic in hitting higher targets.
  • Preemptively identifies and reduces risk
  • Precisely detects, deters, and neutralizes threats—while identifying and winning previously unseen opportunities
  • Impeccably prepares military, law enforcement, elite sports teams, and emergency services teams for achieving what others think is “impossible:
  • Continually upgrades technology, strategy, operations, and tactics

Why “Precision Speed”?

Because guided precision generates unbeatable speed-to-targets.  Whether it’s in elite sports competition or special operations reconnaissance, deployment, interdiction, or pursuit. The strategic and tactical advantage always goes to the one with the greatest Precision Speed.

Internationally known for more than three decades as the “Make It Happen” strategic consultancy, Cooper Strategic applies original research in high performance neuroscience to build Apex Operating Systems™, develop elite teams, and design and implement streamlined high-technology solutions. 

We have helped hundreds of organizations to achieve their most challenging goals – goals that were considered “impossible” until we helped make them reality.

Tier One Above All

“Tier One” denotes the most elite (top .01%) of all special operations professionals—including the U.S. Army’s Delta Force, the 24th Special Tactics Squadron of the U.S. Air Force, Special Boat Service (U.K.), the Naval Special Warfare Command, and world-record-setting athletes.

We design and deliver Precision Speed™ systems and technologies via an exclusive team of more than twenty carefully selected Tier Ones leaders, specialists, and operators, including:  

  • Master Chief Squadron and Team Leaders from the Tier One Naval Special Warfare Command (SEALs)
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS/drone) Leaders
  • Master Sergeants from the Army’s Delta Force
  • Senior Air Force Fighter Pilot Leaders and Instructors
  • Specialist Teams of SEAL veterans that train security, police, and law enforcement departments in Tier One percision-speed skills and tactics
  • Combat Controllers
  • Silver Star Awarded Air Force Special Forces Pararescue Jumper/Marine Reconnaisance Specialist
  • World-record-setting athletes who repeatedly outperform the rest
  • Selection and Development Specialists in rapidly building and training Tier One Teams 

Add to this:

  • Exclusive insights from a peak performance database with more than one million leaders, professionals, and teams.   
  • More than two decades of leading-edge global experience in designing and leading no-fail missions and helping our client organizations achieve their “Make it happen” goals.  
  • Training the most elite record-setting teams in a range of industries and fields.
  • Our special relationships with top tier hardware and software companies.
  • Our customized hyper-effective training approaches.

The Cooper Strategic Precision Speed team members have been responsible for crucial highest-sensitivity operations that include hostage rescue, high-value targets, and countering weapons of mass destruction.

Holding the highest security and clearance levels, Precision Speed team members have led numerous missions in the full spectrum of settings and terrains, on air, land, and sea. They have built, led, and deployed elite teams to provide overwatch surveillance and countersurveillance. They have earned countless honors and awards for valor.  

Our procurement credentials from partner companies provide selective access to the most advanced security and surveillance/countersurveillance hardware and software, fixed wing and VTOL drones, mesh communication grids, and consulting/training in strategic overwatch and interdiction for the most challenging risks, terrains, and conditions, and in the fastest proven development of elite teams and tactics.

We offer our expertise and services to democratic nations and commercial partnerships around the world.  

Our international partner is Berzatu LLC.

To learn more, contact us: [email protected]